Be Positive Toys

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Affirmation Buddy is a soft huggable plush who speaks positive messages about happiness to your child. Squeeze his paw to hear him encourage your child to repeat the affirmations.

Features  High quality soft plush toy

Features  Speaks 10 inspiring messages

Features  12” tall

Features  Replaceable batteries

Features  High quality soft plush toy

Features  Exceeds safety testing standards

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What is an affirmation anyway?

Affirmations are simply words and thoughts. Positive affirmations are positive words and thoughts. When repeated often, they sink into the mind and become part of it. They are powerful sentences that make wishes come true!

The mind of a child is more open and accepting of ideas and suggestions. Affirmations will help shape the mind, which then affects behaviour, actions and life in a positive way. They inspire and motivate your child when using them and condition the mind to maintain positive attitudes and beliefs.

For a positive start in life, Affirmation Buddy is a fun tool for success. There is so much to gain by sharing it with your child! Affirmation Buddy is a great way to introduce powerful positive thinking that will stay with them for life.

Using Affirmation Buddy daily is an activity in which both parent and child can participate in together.

Consistent practice of affirmations will help develop a positive thought process for both of you!

Young kids love spending time with parents and you both gain by the time spent together.